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Captain Edal was the captain of the guards in the city of the Elders. He, along with one of his guards, Exorse, welcomed the First Doctor, Dodo Chaplet and Steven Taylor when they arrived on their planet.

He blamed Avon and Flower when they lost Dodo and wouldn't let Steven go after her. He found her himself and told Jano what she had seen.

Edal was surprised when the Doctor showed compassion for the Savages. He brought the Doctor to Senta for an emergency transference. He tried to capture Dodo and Steven but Jano helped them to escape. Edal began to mistrust Jano as they were searching for Steven. Edal returned to the city on Jano's orders and told the Elders that he believed Jano was about to betray them and took command.

When the Doctor and Jano returned to the city to destroy the Elders' machines, Jano had Edal arrested. However, when Jano, the Doctor, Steven, Dodo, Exorse and the Savages began smashing the machinery, Edal retook control of his guards and forced his way back into the laboratory. Edal attempted to kill Steven but was knocked unconscious by him using a light gun. (TV: The Savages)