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Russell as he appeared on CON: What Goes on Tour...

Edward Russell — formally, Neil Edward Russell — was the original brand manager for the BBC Wales stable of Doctor Who universe programmes. He famously had a direct impact upon the production of Voyage of the Damned by making the initial overtures to Kylie Minogue's confidante, Will Baker, which led to her being cast in that Christmas special.[1] In 2011, he made a high-profile donation of his time to the hospice which had cared for Elisabeth Sladen in her final days by undertaking a charity walk from Upper Boat Studios in Wales to the BBC Television Centre in London.[2]

Russell was fairly heavily featured on What Goes on Tour..., an episode of Doctor Who Confidential which examined the Doctor Who bus tour that introduced the then-new Eleventh Doctor to schoolchildren across the United Kingdom. He also notably appeared on the award-winning Who Peter.

Russell's exact title has been represented differently on different programmes. His formal title appears to be "Senior Brand Executive", as is his credit on What Goes on Tour.... However, he was also credited as the simpler "brand manager" on the 2010 edition of Doctor Who at the Proms.

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