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During World War II, Eileen Younghusband was an officer in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. In this time, she encountered aliens.

In 1940, she signed the Official Secrets Act.

She married Peter Younghusband and circa 1956 she gave birth to Clive Younghusband.

In 1969, she visited her cousin Derek Younghusband shortly after he began working with Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. Derek told her about his recent encounter with the Fungusmen. (PROSE: The Last Duty)

Behind the scenes Edit

Eileen Younghusband existed in real life and many of the life details given in The Last Duty correspond with real life. She wrote three books for Candy Jar Books, the publishing company responsible for the Lethbridge-Setwart series. With Eileen's permission, the character Derek Younghusband was introduced into the Lethbridge-Stewart series in the short story The Band of Evil as Eileen's fictional cousin.

Eileen died on 2 September 2016, and the Lethbridge-Stewart short story The Last Duty was released shortly afterwards to honour her passing.[1]

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