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Eleana Domínguez was a Spanish anarchist.

Together with her brother, Miquel Domínguez, Eleana fought for the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo during the Spanish Civil War.

In 1937, Eleana and her brother lived in Barcelona, an anarchist held city. There they befriended the Eighth Doctor and Anji Kapoor. Shortly after, Eleana found Miquel dead and unofficially identified his body.

Eleana continued to be a friend of Anji for a number of months. However, when Eleana found that Anji had been keeping records of everything people, including Eleana, had said, she became angry as this could have incriminated her.

Some time later, Eleana was engaged in a street fight when she encountered the Doctor. Together they managed to avoid the firing and escape onto a side street. There, Eleana fired her gun at the Doctor, her perspective of history warped by the Absolute so that she believed him to be a fascist.

However, the gun misfired and Eleana was injured — her shoulder dislocated and the side of her face burned. The Absolute caused her to see varying perspectives of the Doctor. She saw him as a monster-like Aslatos soldier, and only saw his true self after momentarily blacking out. The Doctor managed to force her arm back into place.

Following this, Eleana decided to leave Barcelona, fearing her association with the Doctor and his friends would lead to her imprisonment. (PROSE: History 101)