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Electric guitars were guitars that used electric signals to create sound.

In 1959, a member of the Lorells used an electric guitar. The Seventh Doctor later played with it. (TV: Delta and the Bannermen)

When Rakweed was going to cover the Earth. Clyde Langer used Haresh Chandra's electric guitar to make the same sounds and vibrations as the school bell of the Park Vale Comprehensive School, which had destroyed the Rakweed before. The guitar sound broke the plants' communication methods and neutralised the Rakweed spores. This killed off the Rakweed and saved Luke Smith's life. (GAME: Sound) Later the electric guitar stood inside Clyde Langer's bed room. (TV: The Curse of Clyde Langer)

Doctor playing electric guitar in the TARDIS

The Doctor plays his electric guitar on the TARDIS. (TV: Before the Flood)

The Twelfth Doctor showed himself to be an excellent guitar player. He used his own electric guitar when challenged to an "axe fight" by Bors, although the medieval audience did not understand the play on words. He played "Pretty Woman" when he noticed that Clara Oswald and Missy were watching. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) He also played five notes from "My Wave" by Soundgarden.[source needed] He also played the same electric guitar in his TARDIS, this time playing Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, while contemplating the Bootstrap Paradox. (TV: Before the Flood) He was playing "Amazing Grace" on the same guitar when Osgood contacted him about the Zygon uprising. (TV: The Zygon Invasion)

After being separated from his TARDIS and spending some time in Nevada, USA, the Twelfth Doctor acquired a new electric guitar. He wrote a song inspired by his companion, Clara, using this guitar. (TV: Hell Bent) The Doctor later played Beethoven's Fifth Symphony in his office at St Luke's University, before first meeting Bill Potts in person. (TV: The Pilot)

When the First Doctor witnessed the Twelfth Doctor's TARDIS console room, he observed that the guitar was the only thing in the room that had been cleaned, although the Twelfth Doctor tried to hide the fact that the guitar was his (TV: Twice Upon a Time).

In 2050, Darius Pike played the electric guitar, but the guitar sound was stopped by an Aeolian. (TV: Aeolian)

Behind the scenes Edit

The model of the Twelfth Doctor's guitar is a Yamaha SGV-800 "Black Sparkle". The model he plays in Hell Bent is a Limited Edition "1966" Epiphone SG-400 Pro, in Cherry Red, with the addition of a Bigsby Vibrato. This model is a copy of the Gibson SG, the guitar that is most commonly associated with Tony Iommi, guitarist with Black Sabbath, as well as Angus Young, lead guitarist with AC/DC.