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Elephant in the Room was a comic story published in Doctor Who The Official Annual 2017.

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The plan was simple. The TARDIS is being kept in the King's throne room, guarded by a three-headed dog. Probosco would sneak the Doctor into the throne room via his cupboard - Probosco being humanoid but also elephant-like in appearance, and all the Doctor has at his disposal is a broom. On the positive side, sometimes he doesn't have a broom! The plan however wasn't as simple as he may have liked, as the King seemed to have prepared a death deadly obstacle course, for his own amusement. The Doctor offered to do it all by himself, and that Probosco should wait, but there is a slight problem to this... his trunk is "a bit psycic", and when it's scared it'll wrap itself around the bravest person in the room when he's scared. Looks like Probosco will just have to go with him.

The Doctor and Probosco make their way, dodging flaming boxing gloves, walking on tightropes above fire and explosive projectiles. Next up, a red slide. They must hit the trampoline using the momentum of the slide and hit the large red 'X' in the middle to jump up to the next part, but Probosco misses the landing. Hanging on, Probosco fears the worst, but his psychic trunk pulls him up, sensing danger and keeping them together (as the Doctor had made the jump). Finally a seesaw. The Doctor is ready in position, and Probosco jumps on the other seat, flinging the Doctor towards his TARDIS. The trunk keeps them together, but then it lets go - for it realises the Doctor isn't the bravest person in the room anymore.

Finally they arrived, however they had forgotten about the three-headed guard dog. Probosco rids it by throwing the broom, and making them fetch it. Probosco realises the adventure is over, and decides to head back to work. The Doctor says he's free, and he'll drop him off... right after he deals with the King.

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