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Elizabeth Kelly (known as the Angel-Maker) was an Irish woman who was a time sensitive.

When the young Kelly encountered a man who had been splintered in time, her sensitivity made him feel wrong to her, so she stabbed him to death. This also killed the other seven fragments of the man, which all appeared to be children. Due to their connection, the knife wounds on all eight were identical. She was convicted of murder and placed in an asylum for the perceived heinousness of her crimes.

Sabbath rescued Kelly, which made her extremely loyal to him. When Octave tried to kill the Eighth Doctor, Sabbath collapsed due to the connection between them from having one of the Doctor's hearts in his chest. Kelly unwittingly performed CPR on Sabbath by beating on his chest in desperation, which saved the Doctor as well.

Ironically, the Doctor later tricked her by letting her overhear him say he believed Sabbath was a threat that had to be dealt with. When she attacked him, he made sure that she stabbed him in the heart. This was so he could enter the realm of death and communicate with the spirit of Sebastian Chiltern. Kelly watched over the comatose Sabbath until he and the Doctor recovered.

When the Doctor tried to destroy the temporal interferometry machine, Nathaniel Chiltern attempted to prevent him. Kelly intervened, so Chiltern killed her. Sabbath then killed Chiltern. (PROSE: Camera Obscura)

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