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Eloise was a scientist who worked at the Juniper Project and monitored Rawbone.

Eloise was born in America, where she had an awkward childhood. She was brought into the Juniper Project in the 2000s after the previous manager died. She studied the Scions who lived in Rawbone and worked with Sebastian, the first Scion. Most of the time, she simply did filing and reviewing. Though the Scions were intended to be made into soldiers, Eloise tried to avoid that particular part of the job, especially activating the improved version of Sebastian.

In 2011, Gwen Cooper, Rhys Williams and Anwen Williams came to Rawbone while on the run. The appearance of a real human child disrupted the project. The people started to resent the Scions and turned against them. When one Scion was nearly killed by his mother and another Scion stole Anwen to try to become a real person, the leaders of the Juniper Project decided to accelerate their plans. Eloise was forced to kill the original Sebastian and awaken the second, who had the killing instinct. The second Seastian took control of the other Scions, and commanded them to kill the people of Rawbone. Eloise tried to stop him, but he locked her up. She escaped and used the Juniper Tree to contact the original creators. They were upset at what had happened to the Scions and Sebastian. Though Eloise tried to take responsibility for their actions, Sebastian killed her. (PROSE: First Born)