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Emily Jane Brontë, also known under the name Ellis Bell, (AUDIO: The Window on the Moor) was an English novelist and poet.

During her life on the English Moors, Emily took on the role of helping the people of Duke Alexandro's world cross into the next world via windows between those worlds and her own. When the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler arrived in Alexandro's world amongst a civil war between the Duke and his uncle, Julius, Emily helped them trap Julius and close the windows. (AUDIO: The Window on the Moor)

She wrote the novel Wuthering Heights, though the Sixth Doctor thought her sister Charlotte had written it. (PROSE: Timeshare)

Duplicates and alternatives Edit

The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond met a robot duplicate of Emily Brontë in the Museum of Lost Opportunities. (COMIC: The Child of Time)

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