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Emily Rutherford was a human living in the Earth Empire. She had an IQ of 192.

Emily loved books and often went to read them at the library. Usually, she was the only one in the library, but one day, Tom Charrington came in and they became acquainted. They fell in love, but since Tom's IQ was 137, and their IQs were more than fifty points apart, they were not allowed to marry or have children.

They went to Separation Day Incorporated, who could provide them with the perfect setting in which to break off their relationship. Separation Day Incorporated provided a recreation of the library, in which they were to break up. However, the library's structure began to fall apart. In the midst of the chaos, the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith arrived. The Doctor told Emily and Tom that if they did not stay together, through a long chain of events the universe would be destroyed. When Emily and Tom chose to stay together, the library returned to normal and the universe was safe. (PROSE: Separation Day)

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