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Emoji, also known as Emoticon, was a system of communication with the use of smileys and other pictograms or images. According to the Twelfth Doctor, no other species in the universe aside from humans used emojis. The Ninth Doctor included emoticons as a popular pass-time of humans in the 21st century. (AUDIO: The Other Side)

It was popular on Earth during the 21st century, and remained a popular form of language centuries later, a colony planet. It was used by the Emojibots as their primary form of expression. The colonists also wore mood indicators that expressed their emotions in order to better communicate with the robots. (TV: Smile)

Known emoji

Known emoji included the following pictograms:

Thinking emoji

The Twelfth Doctor is suspicious. (TV: Smile)

Behind the scenes

The 2016 Doctor Who Adventure Calendar introduced the Doctor Who emoji quiz, in which the goal is to guess which story is being told through emoji. This "festive edition" of the game included 3 stories to decipher.

While most of the emoji used in Smile are part of the Unicode emoji set in the real world, at least one is not present in the real set; as of 2017 there is no emoji for a face with cross in place of its mouth. However, new emoji are still being regularly added to Unicode. One of the pictograms used in the episode, the raised eyebrow emoji, was added only after the episode had been filmed.[1]


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