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Empathy, aside from the more mundane meaning of the word, was also a term for the psychic ability to sense feelings like telepaths read thoughts. Individuals who had this ability were known as empaths or empathic psychics.

Empathic individuals Edit

Emma Grayling was an empathic psychic; however, she described her own powers as intermittent, indicating to Clara that she could only do it "sometimes". The Eleventh Doctor offered the alternate word empathics, and called them "the most compassionate people" and "the loneliest", due to the fact that they opened themselves up to "all those hidden feelings, all that guilt, pain and sorrow". (TV: Hide)

Empathic species Edit

Danny Bartock said the Ood were "just empaths"; they communicated with one another through the low-level telepathic field that connected them. (TV: The Impossible Planet)

Other empathic species included:

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