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Empathy Games (audio story)

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Empathy Games
Empathy Games
Doctor: Fourth Doctor
Companion(s): Leela
Main enemy: Co-ordinator Angell
Main setting: Paxis Majoritis, Synchronis
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Nigel Fairs
Director: Nigel Fairs
Read by: Louise Jameson
Release details
Release number: 3.4
Release date: October 2008
Format: 1 CD
Production code: BFPDWCC12
ISBN 978-1-84435-353-8
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The Companion Chronicles
The Doll of Death Home Truths

Empathy Games was the twelfth release in the Companion Chronicles audio range. It was the fourth story of season 3. It was written by Nigel Fairs and featured Leela.

Publisher's summary Edit

The present: Leela is doomed, trapped inside a prison cell of a dead race.

The past: After a disaster aboard the TARDIS, the Fourth Doctor and Leela arrive at the capital city of Synchronis, a world renowned for peace and civility. But an attack by a vicious creature leaves the Doctor in a coma, and Leela is persuaded to fight in the forthcoming Empathy Games, where she discovers that nothing on this world is as it seems.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

References Edit

  • The Z'nai on the prison planet are all long since dead.
  • Leela has been kept alive by the machines designed to torture her for a significant period of time, possibly years. She claims that she aches for death.
  • In the fire which destroys the secondary console room, the edge of the Doctor's scarf are burned.
  • Synchronis has no war, poverty, murder or hunger. It is known for its magnificent architecture.
  • The Synchronians have blue skin and white hair.
  • The Waters of Empathy is one of the 700 Wonders of the Universe.
  • Co-ordinator Angell has a long white beard and dark eyes.
  • The Synchronian warriors are known as Cathartics.
  • When an elder of the Sevateem dies, it is customary for other warriors to guard their body in order to protect their soul from evil spirits until sunrise.
  • After being attacked by a giant rodent, the Doctor places himself in a coma in order to heal his injuries.
  • The Doctor describes Leela as "very bright, quick to learn."
  • As a child, Leela saw her mother struck down and killed by an animal on Mount Kremnon while protecting her.

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