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The Empress was a space liner that the delegates of the Queen Bastrovan peace conference attended. It flew across the whole of Mutter's Spiral to return the delegates home.

Iris Wildthyme smuggled a hungover Benny Summerfield on board so she could return home. The thief, Karter, had his partner set up explosives to wipe out the floor and steal from the delegates. However, the explosions were much larger than expected, breaking the hull. Karter began stealing jewels from the Kolgarians, but they broke, releasing a gas that transferred their emotions and memories into Benny and Grand Marshall Sstac.

Karter stole whatever valuables he could find before escaping on the shuttlecraft. Meanwhile, General Azzar, thinking the explosion was caused by Queen Bastrovan, set a collision course for the Empress to hit Ronos Minor to start a war against the Queen. Benny and Sstac discovered Karter's responsibility in the attack, but Karter fled in the last shuttle. As Benny and Sstac were starved of oxygen, the Kolgarians left them. The ship's survivors was rescued by a group of Ice Warriors and the ship burned up into Ronos Minor's atmosphere. (AUDIO: The Dance of the Dead)

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