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The Enabling Acts were a series of at least seven pieces of legislation in the 20th century Earth, issued by the United Nations apparently to deal with the jurisdiction of UNIT.

Subsection 3A of the preamble to Seventh Enabling Act, possibly Paragraph 24G, gave Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart the authority to take over a crisis at the Newton Institute. (TV: The Time Monster)

During an inquiry about the Global Chemicals, the Brigadier appealed to Article 17 of the Third Enabling Act to keep on answering to the headquarters in Geneva, while the Minister of Ecology of the United Kingdom appealed to the Article 18, "Matters of Domestic Concerns", probably Paragraph 3, to place the investigations at the disposal of the host nation, indeed his cabinet. The Minister claimed to have contributed to draft the act itself. (TV: The Green Death)