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Endpoint was a planet in the far future inhabited by Endpointers.

Officially named A245, but nicknamed Endpoint for being the last place anyone would want to go, the plant was used as a waste dumping ground by the civilisations inhabiting the system, polluting its atmosphere and sea, making it acidic. After the system became caught in the crossfire of an interstellar war, the survivors took refuge on Endpoint, and used the debris that fell onto the planet to create makeshift cities on stilts above the sea. Hope, Triumph and Persistence were among these cities. (PROSE: Hope)

Mack Gideon once slew the Walrusoid of Endpoint. (COMIC: Miranda)

The Eighth Doctor and Silver used technology from the human bunker to terraform Endpoint, removing the toxins and rendering the seas safe. Silver created thirty-six Silverati from cryogenically preserved humans from the bunker. (PROSE: Hope)

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