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Endpointers were a humanoid species which inhabited the planet Endpoint. They were descended from a number of species, including humans.

Biology Edit

Endpointers were stronger and faster than humans, more resistant to toxins and harsh weather, and had increased healing capacities, all due to the vivactic gland, an organ in their brains which released Kallisti. They didn't have hair and their eyes were protected by an inner lid instead of eyelashes. Occasionally, ancestral features would appear, such as hair or different skin colours like blue (from reptilians).

History Edit

In the far future, near the end of the universe, humans and other species colonised a star system which contained several inhabited worlds, eventually merging into one species. As the population rose and resources became scarce, they built space stations and orbital facilities, and began using the planet A245 (nicknamed Endpoint) as a waste dumping ground, polluting the planet's atmosphere and sea.

The system became caught in the crossfire of an interstellar war and most of the planets, moons and stations were destroyed, leaving the system filled with huge chunks of debris constantly colliding, making space travel impossible. The system's survivors took refuge on Endpoint, and used the debris that fell onto the planet to create makeshift cities on stilts above the sea. (PROSE: Hope)

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