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England were the national cricket team of the country of the same name. Amongst other contests, they engaged Australia in the 1981 Ashes series, which they both won and lost with Tegan Jovanka's help. (PROSE: Graham Dilley Saves the World) Tegan was naturally antagonistic toward England, once telling Turlough that "we beat England, oh, I don't know, every time we play them?" (COMIC: The Forgotten)

Whilst in prison on Folly, the Fifth Doctor organised a cricket match involving the entire prison population in which he suggested some 900-odd people play for Australia while the other 900-odd play for England. (AUDIO: Doing Time)

Behind the scenes Edit

England were partly to blame for Doctor Who's first-ever broadcasting delay. "Hidden Danger" was bumped from the 4 July 1964 schedule because of an overrunning test with Australia and a long tennis match at Wimbledon.

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