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English Civil War
Dates: 1642 - 1651
Location: England
Roundheads Cavaliers
Led by
Cromwell Charles I
unknown unknown
Roundhead victory
The English Civil War was a conflict fought in England in the 17th century. It was a war between Charles I's Cavaliers and his opponents, the Roundheads.

Events Edit

The War Lords kidnapped soldiers from this conflict for their war games. The survivors were returned to Earth after the War Lords were defeated. (TV: The War Games)

The gallows in Compton, England were last used during the Civil War. (AUDIO: The Fog)

The Master used his TOMTIT time travel device to bring a troop of Roundheads to the late 20th century, where they fired upon Captain Yates' troops. (TV: The Time Monster)

In 1643, the war came to the village of Little Hodcombe. The Malus, a living alien weapon, was awakened by the fighting. He fed off the negative emotions involved. He became dormant again when the fighting ended. The villagers re-enacted the Battle of Little Hodcombe for years to come.

In 1984, the Malus awoke again and tried to use Sir George Hutchinson to have the villagers re-enact the fighting for real. They styled their clothing on that of the period and carried replica weapons. (TV: The Awakening)

Lady Peinforte was a supporter of Charles I and fought against the Roundheads. 350 years later on 23 November 1988, she fought the Cybermen in the same meadow. (TV: Silver Nemesis)

In 2008, as a result of disturbances in time caused by inexpert use of the Rift Manipulator, English Civil War soldiers appeared in London and clashed with the local police. (TV: End of Days)

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