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Enoch Thorne

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Enoch Thorne
Enoch Thorne
Job: Industrialist
First seen in: The Friendly Place
Other appearances: COMIC: The Rise and Fall

Enoch Thorne was born on Ganymede and grew up to become the third richest sentient in the galaxy and the CEO of SERVEYOUInc. (COMIC: The Rise and Fall)

Enoch was livid over the Eleventh Doctor's intervention on Rokhandi and demanded good news from one of his employees about the state of the Entity. (COMIC: The Friendly Place) Minutes after his call, the Entity broke free, revealing that it was also the Talent scout, and came after Enoch in revenge. Enoch was 67-years-old when he was melted to death by the Entity. (COMIC: The Rise and Fall)

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