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Epsilon Delta, was a Time Lord. After working as an attendant to the Gold Usher on Gallifrey, having to constantly bow to other Time Lords, with just mundane duties and no true responsibility, he began nursing a lot of anger towards his own people.

He took advantage of the spare time his job provided to work in the workshops to create androids, and he also read information from the archives. No-one expected him to know how to prime a TARDIS. After having become bored and feeling his intellect being wasted on Gallifrey, stole a Type 102 TARDIS and escaped to Earth. There, he faked credentials to become the President of St Matthew's College. Inspired by other renegades such as the Rani, the Master, and the Doctor especially, he took the title of the President as he enjoyed it.

He was an enthusiast of wine and was particularly adept at electronics and cybernetics, for which he received a double beta in. He created several black androids and the assassin Amanda, all of whom were shapeshifters. He also believed very highly in himself. He later made contact with the Garvond and entered into an alliance with it until the Garvond no longer needed him. He visited several planets, including the Leisure Hive of Argolis before he died after meeting Sontarans, and he had already regenerated into his second incarnation by the time of his death. (PROSE: The Dimension Riders)