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Epsilon Eridani was a star located about eleven light-years from Sol. It was home to many different species.

One species from Epsilon Eridani established many colony worlds despite not having faster-than-light travel. One of their spacecraft became confused by radio transmissions from Earth and accidentally landed there. (PROSE: Blue Box)

In the 1970s, Dr Louis French attempted to make contact with intelligent life in Epsilon Eridani with his radio telescope. Instead, he accidentally devastated the planet Morrax, the home world of the Morraxians. (COMIC: Is Anyone There?)

Epsilon Eridani was also the location of the home world of the Legion, a multidimensional race. In 2157, a Spacefleet flotilla lost contact with Earth Central on their way to intercept a Dalek fleet massing around Epsilon Eridani. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

Epsilon Eridani was also the home of Mudmen. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Creature from the Pit)

The Eighth Doctor offered to take Josie Day with him to Epsilon Eridani for egg and chips. (COMIC: A Matter of Life and Death)

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