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M'rek'd (Perceptions)
Biological type: Humanoid Horses
Notable individuals: P'fer'd, M'rek'd

Equinoids were a race of humanoid horses.

Biology Edit

Equinoids resembled purple horses with yellow spots. Unlike horses, they stood on their hind legs and had humanoid hands with four fingers and a thumb. (COMIC: Perceptions)

History Edit

In the 19th century, two Equinoids, husband and wife P'fer'd and M'rek'd, crash-landed on Earth after running out of fuel. After setting off a distress beacon, they disguise their ship as a solicitor's office, Binns, Beech & Evans Solicitors, using a Mark III Image Inducer, so as to stay inconspicuous in Victorian era London. The Eighth Doctor used spare energy cells from his TARDIS to send them home again. (COMIC: Perceptions)

At some point, an Equinoid attended the Third Intergalactic Peace Conference. (TV: Frontier in Space)

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