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Erich Fromm was a professor from the Delvian Academy. He was a member of the Comparative Religion Society.

The society was interested in publishing a connection between the ruins on Traxis Four and Traxis Six. In order to accomplish this before anyone else could, they stole the ten artefacts from Traxis Six, one by one. When Irving Braxiatel realised this, he knew they would come for the book at the Braxiatel Collection sooner or later, so he set a trap for them.

Fromm was one of the members of the society to travel to the Collection. While the other members of the group broke into one of the Collection's rooms, Fromm, who had made the acquaintance of Bernice Summerfield, headed instead for Benny's work station, where the book had been moved. Benny stopped him from stealing the book. (PROSE: A Question of Identity)