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Erimem was a series of stories published by Thebes Publishing. They starred the character Erimem, who was previously a recurring companion of the Fifth Doctor in stories released by Big Finish Productions. Iain McLaughlin, the creator and copyright holder or Erimem, was the series editor.

The series had Erimem living in modern day London with a group of close friends, sometimes travelling to other times and places using a time machine called the Habitat.

Erimem was largely divorced from Erimem's period in Doctor Who, with Erimem forgetting all of her life from around the beginning of The Eye of the Scorpion to the moment just before she appears in the first Erimem novel, The Last Pharaoh. As of January 2018, The Eye of the Scorpion is the only Doctor Who story from which Erimem has derived elements; however, elements from the non-Doctor Who stories The Coming of the Queen and Return of the Queen have been included (such as Carra Wilton, Kerides, and Adrea).

The Erimem series through the years Edit

2015 Edit

Title Type Writer(s) Release date
The Last Pharaoh Novel Iain McLaughlin & Claire Bartlett 9 June 2015
The Beast of Stalingrad Novella Iain McLaughlin 1 September 2015
Angel of Mercy Novella Julianne Todd, Claire Bartlett, Iain McLaughlin 15 November 2015
In Search of Doctor X Short story Beth Jones 10 December 2015
The Last Pharaoh cover

The cover of The Last Pharaoh.

The Erimem series began on 5 June 2015 with the release of The Last Pharaoh. The Last Pharaoh introduced the Habitat, the London Museum of History and Antiquities, and series regulars Andy Hansen, Ibrahim Hadmani, Helena, and Tom Niven. The novel also set up an ongoing mystery in the series – that of Helena's immortality – in a brief scene near its end.

The next release was the novella The Beast of Stalingrad, which had the main characters dealing with the emotional consequences of the events of The Last Pharaoh while also involved in a standalone story. It included the short story The One Place by Claire Bartlett, which greatly expanded on Andy Hansen's backstory.

Around the release of The Last Pharaoh, Thebes Publishing began offering a three-book subscription to the Erimem series which covered The Last Pharaoh, the not-yet-released Into the Unknown, and a third book which has still not been released as of January 2018. On 10 October, subscribers were emailed the first part of the novella Angel of Mercy. They received the second and third parts over the course of the next month.

There were originally plans to release the anthology Into the Unknown in late 2015, but the book was delayed to the beginning of the next year; because of this, the Christmas short story In Search of Doctor X was released for free on the Thebes Publishing website.

2016 Edit

Title Type Writer(s) Release date
Into the Unknown Short story anthology Beth Jones, Chloe McLaughlin, Iain McLaughlin, Kaitlin Moore, Rachel Blake, Jim Mortimore, Claire Bartlett, Ian Farrington, James Maddox, Julianne Todd 18 January 2016
Prime Imperative Novella Julianne Todd 14 March 2016
Life on Mars on Mars Short story Iain McLaughlin 15 March 2016
Buccaneer Novella Iain McLaughlin 20 August 2016
Moments of Passing Short story Jim Mortimore 12 December 2016
All I Want for Christmas Short story anthology Beth Jones, Iain McLaughlin, Daniel McGachey, Claire Bartlett 14 December 2016
Into the Unknown

The cover of Into the Unknown.

The first 2016 Erimem release was the short story anthology Into the Unknown. Several of its stories started or continued ongoing threads in the series: Alone in the Dark integrated Trina Barton into the main "cast" of Erimem; Wardenclyffe, Tomorrow's Fish and Chips, and Serpent's Child all gave hints towards Helena's immortality; Echoes foreshadowed Adam Docherty's relationship with Erimem; and Tom's Story introduced Tom Niven's mother.

The next release was the novella Prime Imperative, which included the short story Home by Iain McLaughlin.

The next novella, Buccaneer, introduced Olivia Parson, who became a recurring love interest for Andy Hansen. It included the short story Arrrr... by Claire Bartlett.

14 December saw the release of All I Want for Christmas, an anthology of Christmas short stories; including Lonely This Christmas, which showed Tom Niven continuing to be manipulated by his mother, and Last Christmas, which gave more hints about Helena's immortality and foreshadowed Ibrahim Hadmani's potential death in the coming year.

2017 Edit

Title Type Writer(s) Release date
Churchill's Castle Novella Beth Jones 8 February 2017
The Three Faces of Helena Novel Iain McLaughlin 26 August 2017
The Collected Adventures 2015 Novel / novella / short story compilation Iain McLaughlin, Claire Bartlett, Beth Jones, Julianne Todd 29 September 2017
Message in the Cards Short story Louise Blaine 18 December 2017
Auld Acquaintance Short story Iain McLaughlin 29 December 2017

The first release of 2017 was the novella Churchill's Castle. Its story had Trina Barton deciding to quit having adventures with Erimem and friends, ending her time as a series regular. It included a prelude to the novel The Three Faces of Helena.

The Three Faces of Helena

The cover of The Three Faces of Helena.

The Three Faces of Helena was originally slated for release in early 2017 as a collection of three novellas by three different writers, but behind the scenes creative differences caused one of the writers to be dropped and The Three Faces of Helena was rewritten by Iain McLaughlin into a single novel, delayed first to May, [1] then to 26 August. After two years of build-up, the novel finally explained the nature of Helena's immortality and revealed her previously secret motivations. It also featured the prevention of Ibrahim Hadmani's previously foreshadowed death and the marriage of Ibrahim and Helena. The novel also heavily used two major characters from the works of Henry Rider Haggard to tie-in with Thebes Publishing's reprintings of Haggard novels.

Auld Acquaintance Erimem

The title card of Auld Acquaintance, an example of the new Erimem logo.

The next Erimem release was The Collected Adventures 2015, a volume containing all of the Erimem stories released in 2015: The Last Pharaoh, The Beast of Stalingrad, The One Place, In Search of Doctor X, Angel of Mercy. The Collected Adventures 2015 was the first release to use a new, curvier version of the Erimem logo on its cover. It was the final Erimem book of 2017.

2018 Edit

Title Type Writer(s) Release date
Return of the Queen Novel Claire Bartlett 4 January 2018

The first Erimem release in 2018 was the novel Return of the Queen, an expanded adaptation of the Kerides the Thinker audio drama of the same name.

Footnotes Edit

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