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Erina Lessak was a trainee engineer aboard the SS Pentallian under Commander Kath McDonnell and engineer Dev Ashton.

Originally from Torajii Alpha, Lessak's parents were wealthy and owned a chain of coffee houses. Her mother was preoccupied with her older brother, Stephan, and Erina felt left out. She was managing one of these shops, bored out of her mind, when Riley Vashtee of the Pentallian came in. She sat down in front of him and was seduced by the idea of seeing the stars. (PROSE: 42 Prologue)

After spending several months aboard the Pentallian, she decided that seeing the stars hadn't turned out as she had expected, and she felt as if her crewmates and commander didn't take her seriously. (PROSE: 42 Prologue) She grew unenthusiastic about her job and co-workers. (TV: 42)

She was killed by Hal Korwin, who was at the time possessed by the sentient star Torajii. (TV: 42)