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Type: Planet
Appearance: Halflife
Espero was a human colony in the 61st century.

Geography Edit

Countries on Espero included Anjon, which was ruled by a democratically elected Prime Administrator. There were eight nation states on Espero, all of which had proper democracies save for Saiarossa, which had a royal family. (PROSE: Halflife)

Natives Edit

Espero had indigenous insects. Other animals native to Espero included burrowbears, which occasionally killed and ate humans; mokeys, small monkey-like mammals often kept as pets; and tree-rats and creatures called elephines which dwelt on the southern plains. (PROSE: Halflife)

History Edit

The Eighth Doctor once saved all the life on Espero from an energy wave created by a Maker called Reo. (PROSE: Halflife)

The Doctor later sent K9 to Espero in search of Madame Xing. (PROSE: The Gallifrey Chronicles)

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