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Essbur was an Ice Warrior who, along with fellow Ice Warrior Zontan, was led by Lord Ssardak in their attempt to infiltrate the planet Trenzalore and to destroy the Eleventh Doctor and prevent the new time war. He, along with his commander and fellow soldier, cocooned himself in ice and travelled safely through the planet's atmosphere before crashing into the snow, along with smaller capsules of ice containing parts of a sonic cannon. The Ice Warriors planned to use this cannon to murder the Doctor by starting an avalanche to bury the town of Christmas. All three of the Ice Warriors made it past the Papal Mainframe by arriving only in their armour, and not having any technology or communication on them. After the three parts of the cannon were collected, the Doctor tricked the Ice Warriors into revealing the frequency of the cannon, and used his sonic screwdriver to amplify the cannon, causing the cannon to explode, destroying the Warriors and instantly vaporising the ridge they were on. (PROSE: Let it Snow)