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Estebol was a planet which was destroyed by immense pollution.

Prubert Gastridge was sent to Estebol to show the people the concept of the internal combustion engine. After its introduction, the inhabitants of the planet became more and more reliant on machines for everyday life. The people of Estebol eventually created AI for the machines and the technology for the machines to be able to merge with them. This led to the machines taking over the planet and influencing the minds of the people into submission.

Fitz Kreiner visited Estebol and met a group of survivors who were on the run from the machines. During an ambush, the survivors were killed and Fitz was chased into a factory. Fitz entered an empty vehicle in the factory and escaped. The vehicle began to influence Fitz's consciousness into making him not want to leave; after refusing profusely, he was pulled back to Utopia through a tele-door by Dittero Shandy.

Fitz accidentally made a bid for the planet and won. After a period of panic, he managed to sell Estebol to the Micron. (PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows)

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