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The Eternity Circle was a group of five blue and silver Daleks created by the Dalek Emperor. They were given the task of creating temporal weapons to use against the Time Lords during the Last Great Time War. They created the Temporal Cannon on Moldox for that aim. They also created the Predator Dalek, in a plan to create a weapon using the War Doctor. They were destroyed by Borusa when the Doctor told him to wipe out all traces of the Dalek activity in the Tantalus Spiral. (PROSE: Engines of War)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • In chapter eight, at least one of the members of the Eternity Circle is described as blue and gold. This does not fit well with the rest of the novel as every other description, before and after, describes all five members as blue and silver.
  • This is the second time-related Dalek group encountered by the Doctor. The first is the Temporal Research Team.

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