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The Eternity Crystal was a powerful component of the Eternity Project, devised by Brother Varlos of the Darksmith Collective.

Led and overseen by Brother Varlos, the project was abandoned after the Mordane Incident before completion and the crystal was hidden. It was later found buried on the Earth's Moon (in the 30th century) and awakened, whereupon it animated moondust to attack and defend.

The Doctor contained the power and influence of the crystal by securing it in a stasis box onboard the TARDIS, but the Darksmith Collective, having at long last detected its signal, dispatched a robot Agent to retrieve it at all costs.

The Agent recovered the Crystal briefly from the Doctor after it had animated the dead on the planet Mordane, and returned to Karagula with it. It did not long remain with the Darksmith Collective before the Doctor recovered it and went in search of Brother Varlos on the planet Flydon Maxima. (PROSE: The Dust of Ages, The Graves of Mordane, The Colour of Darkness, The Depths of Despair, The Vampire of Paris, The Game of Death, The Planet of Oblivion, The Pictures of Emptiness, The Art of War, The End of Time)