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Eternity Weeps (novel)

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Eternity Weeps
NA058 eternityweeps
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Companion(s): Chris
Featuring: Benny, Jason Kane, Liz
Main enemy: Cthalctose / Agent Yellow
Main setting:
Key crew
Publisher: Virgin Books
Writer: Jim Mortimore
Release details
Release number: 58
Release date: 16 January, 1997
Format: Paperback Book; 14 Chapters, 246 Pages
ISBN 0-426-20497-2
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Virgin New Adventures
Bad Therapy The Room With No Doors

Eternity Weeps is the fifty-eighth Virgin New Adventures novel. It features the Seventh Doctor, Chris Cwej, Bernice Summerfield, Jason Kane and Liz Shaw. It ultimately led to the divorce between Bernice and Jason.

Publisher's summary Edit

"The flood is come! Oh God save us all; the day of judgement is come!"

Turkey, 2003: Bernice and Jason join two rival expeditions attempting to find Noah's Ark. While one team follows the Bible and its own beliefs, the other relies on a more exact science - but both paths lead to the same revelation. And, as the region moves ever closer to war, they uncover the key to a timeless mystery and a terrible secret.

The Seventh Doctor and Chris are called in to a situation fast getting out of control, as countless numbers flee a biological terror. The world is about to undergo a new genesis. While Chris gets himself a job with NASA, the Doctor must unravel the ties between Mount Ararat, the moon, and an ancient exodus.

Mankind faces apocalypse. But can the aid of a far older race, alongside companions past and present, prevent the planet being twisted into the image of a long-dead world?

Plot Edit

to be added

Characters Edit

References Edit

Diseases and illnesses Edit

  • Agent Yellow is a Cthalctose terraforming virus which turns oxygen into sulphuric acid (including the oxygen in your body).
  • Bernice gets infected with Agent Yellow, but is cured by the Doctor with the antidote he created called Agent Scarlet.
  • Agent Yellow spreads to Ankara.

The Doctor Edit

  • The Doctor kills six hundred million humans to save the Earth.

Individuals Edit

Music Edit

Species Edit

  • The Cthalctose are crystal sea things that live for a long, long, long time (a performance of art can last three hundred years). They live in sulphuric acid seas. The Cthalctose homeworld is 16 Alpha Leonis One.

Time travel Edit

  • Jason spends one thousand years in stasis (while mildly aware of events outside of stasis) after messing around with time travel to try to change the future. He just makes it worse.

Vehicles Edit

Notes Edit

  • With this book, the Virgin New Adventures series undergoes a cover format change; the Doctor Who logo is no longer featured on the front cover.
  • Liz's death here is contradicted by the 2010 The Sarah Jane Adventures serial Death of the Doctor, where she is mentioned to be alive and well, and working in UNIT's Moon Base.

Continuity Edit

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