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Suki Macrae Cantrell. The page title is her real name, but the false identity of "Suki" is what she's most frequently called. (T:CHAR NAMES) Maxwell-Martin is also credited as "Suki", not "Eva".

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Eva Saint Julienne was the last known member of the Freedom Foundation, militant anarchists determined to prove that Satellite Five was being manipulated by outside sources. Under the alias of Suki Macrae Cantrell, she pretended to be an eager young journalist, hoping that her work would be noticed.

Cantrell's background said that she was born in the Independent Republic of Morocco and her hobbies included reading and archaeology. She took a job on Satellite Five to cover her sister's university fees, then applied for a promotion to Floor 500, the location of the Jagrafess. The Jagrafess's human associate, the Editor, had uncovered her true identity. He killed her and reanimated her corpse via her chip implant to work for him.

Though technically dead, some part of Eva remained alive enough to allow Cathica Santini Khadeni to override the safety and stop the Editor from escaping the carnage by grabbing his ankle, which resulted in both of their destructions. (TV: The Long Game)

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