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Gwynfor Evans

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Gwynfor Evans
Species: Human
Job: Driver, Sapper
Place of origin: Wales
First seen in: The Web of Fear
Other appearances: PROSE: The Ambush!, PROSE: The Forgotten Son
Main actor: Derek Pollitt
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Driver Gwynfor Ivor Evans was a sapper in Royal Engineers Corp, 33 Regiment, trained in Military Engineering (Combat). His father always believed him a fool for entering military service. He took part in the fight against the Great Intelligence and its robot Yeti in the London Underground. Evans drove the ammunition truck to Holborn when 33 Regiment, and Colonel Lethbridge Stewart, were ambushed by Yeti. He was the sole survivor of the Yeti attack in Aldwych tube station, (PROSE: The Ambush!) and ran into the Underground tunnels where he got lost for a time, until finding the command centre in Goodge Street. Evans wanted to desert the Army, but the exit gate was locked. Evans always sang when scared. (TV: The Web of Fear)

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