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Species: Human
Place of origin: Earth
Mother: Metella
Father: Lobus Caecilius
Brother: Quintus
Appearance: The Fires of Pompeii
Main actor: Francesca Fowler
Memorable moment
Peter Capaldi's 1st Appearance in Doctor Who - Doctor Who - Fires of Pompeii - BBC02:27

Peter Capaldi's 1st Appearance in Doctor Who - Doctor Who - Fires of Pompeii - BBC

Evelina, daughter of marble merchant Lobus Caecilius and his wife, Metella, was a young Roman woman living in Pompeii on the eve of its destruction.

Evelina showed some precognitive abilities, and so was promised to the Sibylline Sisterhood, a local cult of oracles influenced by the alien Pyroviles, as a consecrated priestess.

Like her parents and brother Quintus, Evelina was spared from Pompeii's destruction by the Tenth Doctor's timely intervention.

Her psychic abilities vanished with the Pyroviles and the city — the Doctor explained that her ability to see the future was due to Mount Vesuvius' eruption being so powerful that it cracked open a rift in time for a second and the effects echoed backward through time — so she was free to be an ordinary young woman once more and date, to her father's consternation. (TV: The Fires of Pompeii)

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