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The second ex-wife of Alvar Chambers worked as Alvar's business advisor when she was no longer "useful to [him]... in that way" as a wife, although she continued to love him. In the 22nd century, after hearing about a something that could replicate life in the seas of Mars, Alvar's cruise ship was steered towards it during Alvar's wedding party with Susannah so the ex-wife could save Alvar's life. When the entity took over Alvar's body, out of her love for her ex-husband, the second ex-wife followed its orders to prolong Alvar's life by crawling inside his mouth. The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler saved her from being devoured and stopped the entity, but Alvar did not make it. The Doctor believed that with Alvar gone, his ex-wives had become their own people again. (COMIC: The Cruel Sea)