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Exorse was one of the guards in the city of the Elders. Along with his captain, Edal, he welcomed the First Doctor, Steven Taylor and Dodo Chaplet when they arrived on the planet.

As Exorse was on patrol, he spotted Nanina and shot her with his light gun. He brought her to the city for transference. Later, he approached the Savages' cave and ordered the strangers, Steven and Dodo, to come out. He was captured by the Savages when Steven used his light gun against him. He was treated well by Nanina, but escaped from the caves to return to the city. When he returned, he reported to the Elders but refused to tell them that Jano was with the Savages.

When Jano and the Doctor destroyed the Elders' machines, Exorse joined in the destruction. (TV: The Savages)