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Perry Conway on the Explain My Mystery set.

Explain My Mystery was a game show on which the Second Doctor once appeared. It was hosted by Perry Conway, who challenged its panellists to explain real-life mysteries recounted by ordinary citizens.

Profile Edit

Limited to Earth by the Time Lords prior to his regeneration into his next incarnation, the Doctor lived in luxury at the Carlton Grange Hotel and became a newspaper-headlining celebrity. (COMIC: Action in Exile, The Mark of Terror) He was therefore a natural candidate for inclusion on the panel of Explain My Mystery.

On the night he participated, he explained Mrs Swiggings' mysterious "bumps in the night" with great ease, but ran into difficulty with Mr Glenlock-Hogan's tale of "walking scarecrows". Undeterred by being stumped on national television, the Doctor left the studio with Glenlock-Hogan to investigate the farm on which these scarecrows appeared. There, they revealed that they had created the mystery in order to lure the Doctor to them. Animated by the Time Lords, the scarecrows captured the Doctor and forced him to regenerate. (COMIC: The Night Walkers)

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