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Facebook was a social networking site.

Donna Noble compared the Sub-Wave Network to an "outer-space" Facebook. (TV: The Stolen Earth)

During the Atraxi incident in 2008, the Eleventh Doctor told Jeff Angelo to spread one word ("zero") across the whole world. Facebook was one of the ways the Doctor suggested. (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

In 2009, after the Torchwood Three team accidentally drove off the Severn Bridge, they heard a mysterious voice under the water. Back at the Hub, Ianto Jones stated that it was hit on Facebook. (AUDIO: Submission)

When the Twelfth Doctor mentioned that the sonic screwdriver had no effect on wood, Maebh Arden said that the trees could communicate between one another, if only just a little. The Doctor sarcastically asked Maebh if she thought the trees communicate by some form of tree-Facebook. (TV: In the Forest of the Night)

In a dream, the Twelfth Doctor told Clara Oswald not to get too attached to the people at the arctic base on the North Pole because it "isn't Facebook". (TV: Last Christmas)

As Adric recalled, the Fifth Doctor once described Facebook as a computer program which was banned on 21st century Earth for turning the Earth's population into "mindless, incommunicative zombies". (AUDIO: The Toy)

Behind the scenesEdit

The prequel for Doctor Who's ninth series, The Doctor's Meditation, was released in the United Kingdom on the official Doctor Who Facebook page.[source needed]

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