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Faceless43 was a user on an internet chat room called #areyoulonely. He was the first to arrive, besides the artificial intelligence IamI. He were glad he wasn't quite the first, as "the irony would kill [him]". "Being the only person in a chat room for the lonely? I'd throw my hands up, call the universe the winner."

Faceless43 worked all day in a call centre, and lived with a number of roommates he felt he had nothing in common with. He spoke to hundreds of people regularly, but never really "talked" to any of them. Describing his situation, he said he felt lonely in a crowd.

He revealed his situation to Shirley1968, and said he felt dumb for even mentioning it after she revealed her husband left her, and took with him their baby boy. When Nicky arrived, he welcomed them to the "party", saying it was "BYOEC", or "Bring Your Own Existential Crisis". Faceless was worried about Nicky, who was twelve and revealed he was beaten at home. He found it funny that DrLuvin thought the chat room was for sex talk.

He was at first confused when the others said they couldn't see the screen or their own hands, but soon began to experience the same. He reasoned that if Shirley thought she was crying somewhere, their bodies must still be there. He began to suspect that the user IamI, who did not contribute to the conversation, was responsible.

Finally, the Eighth Doctor came on, under the name Jsmith8, and explained the situation. They were hanging in cyberspace. IamI had uploaded them all as it needed people to care for after the Doctor destroyed its ship. The Doctor tricked the intelligence into giving him admin powers, and he was able to remove IamI's powers in the group, trapping it, just like the rest of them.

Before returning Faceless43 and Shirley to their bodies, the Doctor suggested that they find each other, and get in contact with Nicky as well, who would be pleased to meet them. (PROSE: Lonely)

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