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The Faction Paradox series is a collection of audio, prose and comic stories based on the War, introduced in Lawrence Miles' Doctor Who novel Alien Bodies.

Stories Edit

Prose Edit

Novels Edit

Title Writer Publisher Release date
The Book of the War Lawrence Miles, Simon Bucher-Jones, Daniel O'Mahony, Ian McIntire, Mags L. Halliday, Helen Fayle, Philip Purser-Hallard, Kelly Hale, Jonathan Dennis, Mark Clapham Mad Norwegian Press 17 September 2002
This Town Will Never Let Us Go Lawrence Miles September 2003
Dead Romance[1] November 2003
Of the City of the Saved... Philip Purser-Hallard April 2004
Warlords of Utopia Lance Parkin November 2004
Warring States Mags L. Halliday June 2005
Erasing Sherlock Kelly Hale December 2006
Newtons Sleep Daniel O'Mahony Random Static 12 January 2008
Against Nature Lawrence Burton Obverse Books March 2013
The Brakespeare Voyage Simon Bucher-Jones, Jonathan Dennis November 2013
Head of State Andrew Hickey June 2015
Weapons Grade Snake Oil Blair Bidmead 17 January 2017

Anthologies Edit

# Title Editor Publisher Release date
1 A Romance in Twelve Parts Stuart Douglas Obverse Books 31 May 2011
2 Burning with Optimism's Flames Jay Eales 31 January 2013
3 Liberating Earth Kate Orman 31 January 2015

The City of the Saved anthology series is about the eponymous City, a setting introduced in the Faction Paradox books The Book of the War and Of the City of the Saved....

Short stories Edit

Title Writer Released with Publisher Release date
This Town Will Never Let Us Go Prologue Lawrence Miles Political Animals Image Comics August 2003
Of the City of the Saved... Prologue Philip Purser-Hallard This Town Will Never Let Us Go Mad Norwegian Press September 2003
Toy Story Lawrence Miles Dead Romance November 2003
The Cosmology of the Spiral Politic
Warlords of Utopia Prologue Lance Parkin Online 2004
The Night is Long, and Dreams Are Legion Mags L. Halliday Myth Makers: Issue 14
Warring States (ebook)
November 2004
Warring States Prologue Mags L. Halliday Warlords of Utopia
Erasing Sherlock Prologue Kelly Hale Warring States June 2005
The Return of the King Daniel O'Mahony Online Random Static 2008
Unification Theory Philip Purser-Hallard Of the City of the Saved... (ebook) Mad Norwegian Press 2013

Audio Edit

The Faction Paradox Protocols Edit

BBV Productions released three two-part audios in their series The Faction Paradox Protocols between 2001 and 2004.

Main article: The Faction Paradox Protocols

The True History of Faction Paradox Edit

In 2004, Magic Bullet Productions obtained the Faction Paradox audio license and began their The True History of Faction Paradox series, which ended in 2009.

Main article: The True History of Faction Paradox

Comic Edit

Two issues of a Faction Paradox comic were produced by Mad Norwegian and published by Image Comics in the latter half of 2003. Each issue had a central, 16-page comic along with shorter, illustrated text stories. The main comic story was an ongoing one, so the early cancellation of the title meant that the story was never finished. It was set after the end of the War and acted as a prequel to The Adventuress of Henrietta Street; the Faction Paradox Protocols audio stories Sabbath Dei and In the Year of the Cat were intended to be prequels to the comic. [2]

The comic was written by Lawrence Miles, edited by Lars Pearson, art from Jim Calafiore, inks by Peter Palmiotti, and colouring from Paul Monts.

Notes Edit

  • Lawrence Miles wanted a minimal emphasis on aliens in the Faction Paradox series, which he viewed as mainly mythological; in The Book of the War, he characterised all non-humans as either gods, like the Great Houses and Celestis, or monsters, like the Yssgaroth and Mal'akh.[3]
  • It was originally intended that sidebars would be a part of the Faction Paradox novels' "house style"; however, only The Book of the War and Of the City of the Saved... used them.[4]
  • Mad Norwegian Press ended production of the Faction Paradox comic due to the superhero domination of the comic market, the restructuring of Image Comics, and the immense cost and manpower involved in doing a comic.[5]
  • Despite the novel series' moderate success with the gamer community, it struggled to find an audience outside of Doctor Who fans; after Doctor Who returned to television, Mad Norwegian Press cancelled the series in September 2006.[6]

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