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The Faction Paradox series is a collection of audio, prose and comic stories begun and majority-owned by Lawrence Miles. It centres on a version of Faction Paradox that is explicitly the one introduced in the Doctor Who novel Alien Bodies, but explicitly not the one from later books in that line.

For legal reasons, Miles and his stable of Faction Paradox writers cannot refer directly to anything in the DWU; "TARDISes" are replaced by "timeships", Gallifrey by "the Homeworld", and so on. Moreover, the narrative of the series contradicts the Faction Paradox continuity established in the Eighth Doctor Adventures, particularly as regards the outcome of the War (known as "the Second War in Heaven" in the Faction Paradox series), the defining narrative feature of the Faction Paradox run in Doctor Who novels.

Despite this, some fans are not bothered by the fact that names, places and situations have been altered for the Faction Paradox series and connect both the Faction Paradox Universe and Doctor Who Universe together. For this reason, the Faction Paradox series receives coverage in a number of Doctor Who websites and publications.

Not this one, however. It is this wiki's policy to refer you to the Faction Paradox Wiki, for more information about that series.

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