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Untitled, later named Factor Eleven on the Oddness Scale, was a painting in an art gallery on the Moon.

History Edit

An unknown artist aspired to paint the greatest piece of artwork ever seen and began creating his work, using a soul extractor to improve it. However, he became addicted to the device, and accidentally poured all of his passion and soul into the painting. He had created a living, intelligent creature.

The painting was kept in an art gallery built on the Moon, where people would observe it, never knowing what it was, who had painted it, or any other information about it. When the Tenth Doctor and Rose arrived in the gallery, the painting adopted Rose's face and began to scream, "Who am I?" at them through the canvas. It changed the other pieces of artwork in the gallery to contain Rose's face too. The Doctor eventually found a way to communicate with the painting and learn about its history. He told the painting that it should decide what it wanted to be, and influenced it to become the only artwork of a lemon cheesecake in the gallery. (PROSE: Untitled)

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