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Mr Fanshawe was a wealthy homeowner in the 17th century. He was the husband of Lucie Fanshawe.

Whilst out on the road in their carriage, Lucie and Mr Fanshawe were robbed by the notorious highwayman known as the Knightmare. Their coachman, having heard of the criminal's previous escapades, advised them to do as the Knightmare said and hand over their valuables. However, this robbery was interrupted by the Twelfth Doctor, whose arrival distracted the Knightmare, allowing the Fanshawes to escape.

The next night, the Knightmare - actually the immortal human Ashildr in disguise - broke into Fanshawes' house with the intent of stealing the Eyes of Hades, accompanied by the Doctor. Whilst escaping from a maid, the pair stumbled into Fanshawe's living room, finding him asleep on the couch, and accidentally awoke him. Fanshawe, thinking that the footsteps he heard belonged to Lucie, looked outside the room but found no one. Finally coming to his senses, he retrieved his gun and ordered everybody in the house to search for the intruders, but failed to find them. (TV: The Woman Who Lived)