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"Far future" is a title based upon conjecture.

Check the behind the scenes section, the revision history and discussion page for additional comments on this article's title.

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The far future was an undefined era of history, judged "far" into the future from the eras of human history that the Doctor tended to frequent. It arbitrarily extended from after the end of the 100th century to the end of the universe.

Timeline Edit

In the billions of years after this and before the Earth's final destruction, the National Trust preserved the uninhabited Earth, using gravity satellites to hold back the sun, and restored it back to a "classic Earth".

Behind the scenes Edit

"Far future" is a term used for convenience on this wiki for events that occur during a hard to define period that is more difficult to describe than other time periods. It should be noted that time is a relative concept for individuals that use time travel. Therefore this term is conjectural.

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