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Place of origin: Farrash
Notable individuals: Fraal, The Leader
Appearance: Rights
Farrashians were natives of the planet Farrash.

Biology Edit

Farrashians had dozens of legs. The movements of their legs were so complex that they believed no computer program could mimic them.

History Edit

A hundred years before the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith visited the planet, one of Farrash's suns began giving off radiation that slowly made the population sterile. Different groups of Farrashians worked to solve the problem, but there were riots and protests over some of the methods used. At the Farrash Future Ratification meeting, a twenty-foot robot went out of control, killing the leader and injuring many others. After the robot was destroyed, the Doctor advised the Farrashians to pool their resources to solve their problem. (PROSE: Rights)

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