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Fasheith was a member of the Council of Dead. Like the other members, he was a Scrollnée who normally dressed in a pinstripe suit and a bowler hat. He was also dead, with his body only active by sheer force of will. He could be identified by a scar on his face.

When the Council of Dead were making their plans to sell humanity as slaves, Fasheith worked on the plans to obtain regenerative energy from the Doctor. The snowmen they used as soldiers were set to detect chronon energy; companions of the Doctor absorbed this from the TARDIS. Fasheith pulled the TARDIS off-course and detected where it arrived. When it appeared, he tried to capture the Eleventh Doctor by animating a cable to electrocute him. This failed, but he captured Millie Peterson and planned to use her as bait. When Millie escaped, Fasheith lost his temper and accelerated the plan, having the snowmen attack immediately. Luckily for him, Louie Rollins and Rachael Peterson were both detected by the snowmen, so Fasheith planned to use them instead. Though the Doctor found their base, he had met Millie and sent her back to the TARDIS with a plan. While the Doctor was captured and forced to regenerate, the TARDIS brought Millie back with a weapon, which destroyed their bodies. (PROSE: Attack of the Snowmen)