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Favourite Star was the third short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Indefinable Magic. It was written by Ian Farrington. It featured the Second Doctor.

Summary Edit

On Tuesday, Miranda Peel meets the Doctor on the London Underground. A friendship quickly blooms between the two and the Doctor offers to buy her a drink. At the bar, Miranda tells the Doctor about the horoscopes she likes to read in 24/7 magazine. The Doctor shows concern as Miranda explains that she lets the horoscopes make most of her life decisions for her. She explains that she has become more confident and happy in life since she started reading them, and that she feels like they are speaking to her as they are often phrased in ways that are directly relevant to Miranda's life.

On Wednesday, the Doctor meets Miranda on the Underground again. Miranda offers to buy him a drink this time. At the bar, the Doctor tells her he met with Harry Scopes, the pen name for Timothy Todd who writes 24/7's horoscopes. Timothy's horoscopes sent into the magazine are heavily edited to the point where they scarcely resemble his original submission. The editor of the magazine is Tony Gibbs, Miranda's friend who gives her free copies of 24/7. The Doctor feels that Tony hold malice towards Miranda through editing the horoscopes to suit her specifically. Instead, he feels Tony really likes Miranda but is too shy to say so.

The Doctor and Miranda depart each other's company once more. Miranda is left to decide the best way to speak with Tony about the issue. As she considers this, she experiences a wonderful felling, realising that whatever decision she makes, it will be her own.

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References Edit

  • The Doctor left Jamie and Zoe to explore London themselves after the Doctor's explanation of how the London Eye works put Jamie in a bad mood. He reckons Zoe would find the Science Museum "primitive".
  • Westminster derived its name from the Old English word "mynster", meaning a monastery or church, and the fact that it is located west of traditional London. The Underground station opened there on Christmas Eve, 1868.

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Continuity Edit

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