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Fay was the fiancée of Jake Morgan, who called her "Fables".

During a leap year, Fay proposed to Jake. He was supposed to say no, so that he would have to, by tradition, buy her a silk dress. Not understanding the tradition, he said yes, but promised her a silk dress anyway.

Soon after their engagement began, Jake went missing. Fay heard nothing from him for two weeks. Then she was approached by the Third Doctor, who explained to her that Jake had accidentally been trapped in a reality bubble and could not return to Fay's reality. The Doctor had a device that could see Jake, and he let Fay use it to see Jake one last time. She tried to convince Jake that they could live like this, with her wearing the device, but he convinced her that it wouldn't work and they said their final goodbyes. (PROSE: The Dead Man's Story)