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Federique Moshe-Rabaan

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Federique Moshe-Rabaan was the representative of the Energy Police on Project Eden in the 22nd century.

She was Muslim and a seyyed, a descendant of the Prophet. She was shorter than even the Seventh Doctor and wore a chador and a hejab covering all but her eyes. She held a lot of power on the Project, allocating the limited energy supply. In 2157, she was murdered by Piper O'Rourke, who staged her death to look like a suicide to divert suspicion from herself. However, the Doctor realised that the knife was placed in Moshe-Rabaan's left hand, which was seen as unclean in Islam, so she could not have taken her own life. Her last words were "Allahu akbar.” (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

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