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"Film editor" was a title inconsistently applied across the 1963 version of Doctor Who.

Throughout much of the 1960s, editing of videotape, the primary medium on which the original version of Doctor Who was captured, was expensive, and therefore avoided. A "film editor" during the monochromatic era of Doctor Who, would thus have been someone who edited only those potions of episodes actually captured on film, such as location shoots and model work.

It is possible that as video editing became more feasible in the 1970s, the term was retained for people who edited video as well. However, arguing against this possibility are two important factors. First, the title is completely absent past season 24, when the program entirely abandoned film. Second, episodes like Robot, The Sontaran Experiment, The Seeds of Doom and The Stones of Blood were made completely on videotape[1], but no kind of editor is credited except on the latter.

Third, the job isn't credited in many episodes where there is an abundance of filmed location work. Horror of Fang Rock and The Invisible Enemy, for instance, credits a film cameraman, but not any kind of editor. Additionally, much of the technical functionality of editors was performed by vision mixers, who effected a kind of editing live-in-studio by controlling which cameras or other input sources were allowed to record to tape at any given moment. Also, the term has clearly different applicability with respect to the 1996 movie; Patrick Lussier can be considered the genuine editor of that adventure, as it was recorded entirely on film.

It is difficult, therefore, to propose a single definition which encompasses the position as it existed from 1963-1996. What can be said with certainty, though, is that the BBC Wales version of the programme does not use the term "film editor". Instead, they employ an editor. As would be expected in a theatrical film release, the BBC Wales position is one of the most important in the post-production process. They integrate every visual element into a final cut of an episode, and often interjects his or her own artistic stamp onto an episode. No "film editor" of the 1963 version would have had anything like the amount of creative input a modern BBC Wales editor enjoys.

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